Online content development – value for money

The brief

To migrate web content belonging to arm’s length bodies to the Department for Education’s website.

The background

Following a cross-government review, the department decided to replace most of its arm’s length bodies (ALBs) with 4 new executive agencies. As the ALBs’ websites had to close along with the organisations themselves, all relevant web content from the following bodies had to be incorporated into the department’s site:

  • Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA)
  • Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA)
  • Children’s Workforce and Development Council (CWDC)
  • General Teaching Council for England (GTC)
  • Partnerships for Schools (PfS)
  • Young People’s Learning Agency (YPLA)
  • National College

What we did

We undertook a vast and complex migration project, scoping the work, mapping the content, and reworking it to make it suitable for the department’s audiences.

Once stakeholders had identified the web pages they wanted to migrate, our team of editors set about reviewing and repurposing them. This work involved:

  • cross-referencing incoming content with existing content to check there was no duplication
  • streamlining similar pages
  • updating content to reflect policy changes
  • reviewing and restructuring the content architecture to ensure the seamless integration of new content
  • commissioning content templates to accommodate new types of content
  • editing content to reflect house style

Once the migration project was complete, we identified teams within the new executive agencies who would need to make frequent updates to their web content and set about training them to use the department’s content management system so they could manage changes themselves.

How this represented value for money

Given the volume of content to be reviewed and repurposed (just over 3000 pages), the time available (6 months), and the size of the migration team (4 full-time editors), the work delivered demonstrates excellent value for money.

Had the executive agencies’ content not been integrated into the department’s site, the cost of creating and/or maintaining separate sites would have been substantial. 

How this benefited the client

Rather than continuing to pay to host or maintain obsolete sites, the department was able to close its ALBs as scheduled. This helped it to meet its web rationalisation targets.

Instead of having to deal with the messy, time-consuming business of auditing and rationalising content, the client was free to focus on other aspects of its arm’s length body reform programme.

Referee details are available on request.

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