Usability, accessibility and user experience – value for money

The brief

To develop a research methodology that enabled the Department for Education to engage with its target audiences on a regular basis to maintain an up-to-date understanding of their situations, needs and behaviour.

The background

Although some user research had been undertaken previously, this was always aligned to specific projects and therefore involved specific user groups and targeted questioning. The department had no way of sharing insight and knowledge gained from user research across teams to increase the value gained from each piece of research and provide a more responsive way of accessing user insight.

We were asked to look at how regular user research could be used to provide responsive customer insight without the need to commission time-consuming research.

What we did

We designed a ‘Customer insight pack’ that brought together all recent insight for each audience group including aspects such as:

  • audience types and personas
  • current behaviour and trends in web usage
  • wants and needs
  • insight into usage of departmental online services
  • their responses to web solutions specifically tested for usability

In addition to this, we developed a research methodology that ensured the quality of information within the insight pack through regular research with all audience groups. This methodology allowed policy teams within the department to utilise the regular sessions to gain insight into specific questions they had.

How our approach represented value for money

  • by creating a shared knowledge-base to share insight from customer research, the department gets better value for money from every piece of user research commissioned
  • using behavioural research techniques, we maximised the insight gained from the minimum amount of users to provide a low-cost way of running research projects
  • we developed a customer insight website enabling instant access for more people and saving effort and cost of regular printing

How this benefited the client

  • cost savings by bringing together many objectives into single research sessions
  • an up-to-date understanding of the department’s online audiences
  • the ability to make decisions quickly without needing to commission expensive research

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