In the most recent schools email exercise – the Schools White Paper ‘The Importance of Teaching’ – we had a mammoth task of ensuring all web content was available and signed off and then coordinating the email to schools, not only with the live web content, but with a supporting email to local authorities.

Dan, yet again, was critical in the process and provided an exemplary role. In good time, he liaised with the email lead, supplying mailing category data, so a well thought out mailing strategy could be agreed. He used his skills to produce the latest iteration of the department’s web email template and liaised closely with the email lead to load the signed off content into the template, critically activating links within the document and working with the department to ensure all necessary content and links were in place.

Dan proactively provided clean email templates to the team for sign off, making extremely fast amendments where they were needed, and then managed the expectations of the department during the mail out process.

He was extremely flexible – even going so far as to cancel pre-booked flights, so as to stick around to see the job through. An excellent job – thanks.
DfE – Steve

Totally remiss of me, but I don’t think I ever hit ‘Send’ on the email to say thank you for all your work (and it goes without saying patience and innovation) in helping us achieve this. All the files are now on the web, so we’re actually a week ahead of schedule. Please pass on my thanks to all those involved, especially Joe and Colette. Senior team are v pleased.
EFA – Nicky

Please can you pass on my thanks to all the team that support us with our web content. It really does look good now and seems suddenly to have all come together. The news feed looks great and you are turning around our requests for updating info really quickly, which means customers are bang up-to-date with the info they need. The web is such an important part of EDSUs service offering, so that means that you guys are a really important part of our team. Your hard work on all of this is much appreciated. Keep it up!
Teaching Agency – Harvey

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