Using precise data analysis, expert design and world class software, we will work with you to deliver communications broadcasting that captures your audience. From concept to conclusion, our team can provide an end-to-end solution or partial support, depending on your requirements.


We’ll guide you through the key steps of organising your email campaign. Each stage will be carefully monitored and conclude with a full report to help you assess the campaign’s success.

What we do

  • identify your target audience
  • understand and pinpoint your objectives
  • establish a budget based on your expected return on investment (ROI)
  • design emails
  • report on completed email campaigns and use this information to inform future projects


Our designers are highly skilled in delivering well-crafted, eye-catching HTML emails. They will help you develop ideas to create an original message that will stand out from the crowd. We specialise in designing for mobile platforms, so your emails can reach the ever-increasing audience consuming media on the go.

What we do

  • deliver expertly designed HMTL templates, that are both on-brand and unique
  • thorough trouble-shooting, checking and testing throughout the design process
  • proof-reading and editing
  • ensure your templates are optimised for audience participation across multiple platforms


Using the latest technology and e-broadcast software, we can manage mail outs that will be viewed by the largest proportion of your key audience as possible.

What we do

  • manage your audience address database, updating and amending as required, to ensure that the information you hold is accurate
  • list management and segmentation, allowing personalised messages to be sent to your audience based on their preferences
  • spam check every email prior to sending to identify any issues

Reporting and analysis

Understanding if your message is reaching your audience and how people are responding is key to meeting your objectives. We provide data that will provide a comprehensive overview of audience behaviour, helping you decide on what content works well and the best time to send campaigns.

What we do

  • provide reports for the following:
    • number of people who view your email
    • open and click rates by time period
    • click-through rates, so you can view the most popular links
    • bounces, allowing you to clean up your database
  • email marketing health checks and deliverability audits, including comparative reports
  • custom surveys to collect more data or personalisation options for your audience
  • check what platform your audience is using to view your emails and use that information to shape design optimisation

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